Warehousing and Distribution

Need to locate near one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world? Want to be close by the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that serve your industry? Need proximity to large grocers or consumer packaged goods companies?  Then you’re looking in the right place.

We serve companies of all sizes, from globalized Fortune 500s and regional players, to start-ups and single proprietorships. No client is too big or too small.

Verst’s services are scalable, from small, multi-client warehousing to large, dedicated spaces.

Here's What We Can Do for You

Here's What We Can Do Yor You

Let’s take a look at the time-saving, money-saving services Verst offers your organization, including:
  • Omni-channel and multi-channel solutions
  • Receiving and inspection
  • Material handling and put-away
  • Slotting
  • Storage and inventory control
  • Picking and packing
  • Cross-docking
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Load consolidation and shipping
  • Shipment documentation




You need to move products quickly, but control costs. Cross-docking is the answer, because it maximizes the savings of full truckload and rail transportation.

Use your carriers or ours to bring in full loads — we will break them down and load them out for delivery.

Or, send us your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments and we will move in as few as 8 hours to waiting outbound loads. Do not ship LTL or parcel when you do not need to. 

Consolidate & Deconsolidate

Consolidation / Deconsolidation


Need to set up a consolidation point for materials coming in from many suppliers? Want a metered feed into assembly operations? Trying to navigate replenishment with the world’s largest retailer?

From milk runs to pool consolidation, we know how to design and operate it. We consolidate LTL shipments into full truckload deliveries for some of the largest retailers in North America.

Or, we can receive your large rail and truck shipments, then sort, manage and redistribute to your less-than-truckload (LTL) delivery customers, improving the overall efficiency of your logistics.  And we do it all quickly, accurately, with complete transparency.

Multi-Client Warehousing

Multi-Client Warehousing


Instantly available, flexible and secure: our warehousing solutions are more than just four walls and roof.

We have the capacity you need when you need it, giving you all the cost advantages of outsourcing, with visibility and connectivity that make you think your products are just outside your office door. We’re your perfect solution for seasonal peaks, early arrivals and unexpected returns. 

Verst Facilities

Dedicated Warehousing


Large-scale, long-term warehouse needs require unique, dedicated solutions.

We can provide you a warehouse and operate it for you, using your tech or our own.

Need a management team for the space you already own or lease? We are ready to step in. Or maybe you just need help with staffing? We have you covered.

Warehouse Network Design

Warehousing Network Design


Launching a new site is a big job. Our experienced team can help your site become quickly operational. How?

We are experts in optimizing warehouse flow. We can design the layouts and workflows for all the operations in your space — kitting, packaging, fulfillment, assembly, racking and storage — to maximize efficiency.

Real Estate & Site Selection

Real Estate & Site Selection


Site selection, capital funding, labor and transportation costs are critical factors when your company’s putting down roots. Luckily, we’re well-versed in location optimization.

We have provided funding and helped clients find the right development grants, labor incentives and government-sponsored location packages for 50 years. Trust us to help you build the capabilities you need.

We Add Value to Your Business, Too

We Add Value to Your Business

While your products are on our floor, we can meet even more of your company’s marketing and logistics needs. We provide:

Kitting and Packaging


Selling assembly-required goods with a lot of parts? Does your product line feature shared components? Offering special bundles, incentive premiums, or gift boxes this season?

We can sort and store the pieces, saving your company in-factory sorting, storage and assembly costs.

When your customer places an order, we’ll accurately pick the necessary components and precisely kit them together. Then we’ll package everything in your company’s own branding and ship it out — fast.


Kitting and Packaging


Point-of-Purchase Display Design and Building

Need to include in-store display collateral with your retail shipments? We can design it, kit it, or build it for you.


Have a need for shrink sleeve labeling, shrink-wrapping, poly-bagging, re-labeling, blister packaging, or tamper-proof sealing? Yep! We can handle it.




Other Value-Added Solutions


We do more. A lot more. This would be a pretty long page indeed if we listed our entire toolkit. So we’ll cut to the chase.

Don’t see your specific need covered above?

Ask away and get a quote. In the unlikely event we can’t do it, we’ll bridge you to someone who can.


Our Business Is...

      An Extension of Your Business

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Want to Know More?


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