Transportation Services

You need it delivered on time. We have the time to deliver.

Does your company have a need for local shuttle or cartage? Looking for delivery capacity, but can’t take on the enormous investment required to operate an in-house fleet?

We are the solution you can count on. Verst’s asset-based fleet is ready, willing and at your service.

The Power of Dynamic Route Optimization

The Power of Dynamic Route Optimization


It can be hard to find a reliable shuttle partner.

Schedules get mixed up. Drivers don’t show at the appointed times. Outgoing loads clog up your dock and nibble away at profit margins.

That’s why reliability is our core focus. We put the power of Verst’s, next-generation Transportation Management System (TMS) to work.

Our system continually optimizes routes and guides our drivers around bottlenecks. We’ll be on time, every time, or we’ll make it right without raising an eyebrow.

Our Versatile Fleet

Our Versatile Fleet


Dry van? Check. Flatbed? Check. Reefers? Check.

Get your shipments moved quickly and expertly. We specialize in helping companies that need reliable local delivery or shuttle work.

Whether your business is food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, automobile parts, or manufacturing, we have the assets in place to distribute your goods, keep your locations well-supplied, and keep your factories’ inputs and outputs flowing smoothly.

Our Versatile Fleet
Highly Skilled, Experienced Drivers

Highly Skilled, Experienced Drivers


All of our drivers are rigorously vetted before we bring them onboard. We hire only those with proven safety records, positive demeanors and the skills to get the job done.

We closely monitor our drivers and regularly audit them on safety. We continually train and coach.

We also treat them all with a high degree of professional respect. We pay fairly, which keeps our turnover rate extremely low. Our drivers are part of our family. They’re our lifeblood.

When you contract with us to provide on-site or site-to-site shuttle services, you’ll be dealing with tenured drivers who represent the crème of the crop.

A Culture Dedicated to Safety

We Lead the Industry in Safety


We want every driver to come back to us the same way they went out: safe and sound. Because we care about them, and we recognize that you place a great deal of trust in us when we move your products.

Every Verst cab is equipped with the SmartDrive Safety system, including forward- and driver-facing cameras. Incidents are few and far between, but we’ll immediately know what happened should something occur.

After we implemented the SmartDrive System in 2012, we brought D.O.T.-reportable incidents to ZERO.

And we’ve maintained those results by continually conducting safety audits on every driver, providing on-going coaching, and promoting a culture of careful attentiveness.

An Unswerving Adherence to Road Regulations

An Unswerving Adherence to Road Regulations


Our equipment is expertly maintained and we’re fully EPA compliant.

“Because it’s the law,” you might say.

And you’d be partially right. But also because that’s the right way to do business.

We have a responsibility to our customers, to our fellow motorists and to our community. So we field safe equipment that yields the lowest-possible impact on the environment. We abide by the rules and stay closely aligned to industry best practices.

Our Clients Are...

Our Clients Are...


Diverse. But there are a few key industries we best serve. We are ideally positioned to partner with:

  • Automotive suppliers
  • Food and beverage distributors
  • Grocery
  • Consumer-packaged goods
  • Industrial manufacturing

How do we serve them? Though the following applications:

  • Local cartage, or high-volume, repetitive pick-up-and-delivery work
  • Yard management service
  • Full truckload or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments

Our Business Is...

      An Extension of Your Business

Sound Like You? Want to Learn More?

Sound Like You? Want to Learn More?


Let’s talk. Our Verst reps are fully prepared to discuss your needs and steer you to the right solutions.