Contract Packaging Solutions

Will your product catch a consumer’s eye or sit on the shelf collecting dust with the other mundanely packaged products?

Do you have the infrastructure in place to get your product to market before your competitors?

Consumers are faced with many options when they go to purchase a product. A brand packaging study found that 64% of consumers will buy a product off the shelf without researching it first. Labels drive sales decisions!

It is important to ensure that your product gets to store shelves quickly and makes an impact that lasts, because visual appeal can take priority in the decision making process.

Verst Packaging is the industry’s largest contract shrink-sleeve decorator and we are proud to offer a wide range of labeling options to meet your unique needs.

Verst Packaging Solutions

It is important for companies to treat every customer like their top tier customers. For Verst Packaging, our customer’s needs are always top-of-mind.

We have simplified the packaging process by providing complete project management, technical support, and label development services.

Verst Packaging partners with premier label, film, and container suppliers to develop the most innovative and efficient labeling solutions to meet varied customer needs. All of our contract packaging services are designed to deliver the triple advantage of efficiency, ease, and speed to market!


  • Shrink-sleeve Labeling (fully automatic or hand-applied)
  • Pressure-sensitive Labeling
  • Re-labeling (i.e., replace seasonal label with a basic label to save stock)
  • Side Seal/L-bar Seal


  • Re-packaging
  • Multi-packing


  • Point-of-purchase Display Assembly
  • Club Store Bundling
  • Manual Assembly
  • Automated Assembly


  • Air-conditioned Storage (a must-have for shrink-sleeve labels)





Shrink-sleeve Decorating

Brands of all sizes – from household names to craft brewers – call on Verst Packaging to make their products stand out on shelves and get there before their competitors.

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Turnkey Contract Packaging Solutions

Nearly 90% of our customers depend on Verst for solutions for their entire supply chain. Find out why.

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Verst Packaging works with a variety of industries, and we are adept at creating customized solutions.

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