Third-Party Logistics Solutions

A lot of 3PLs give the same pitch. They optimize loads and snag the best carrier rates. They manage warehouses with ridiculous efficiency. Et cetera. Rather than give you the usual rundown, we’d rather talk about you.

After all, everything we do – fulfillment, packaging, transportation management, warehousing – is about YOU and the future of your business.

It’s why companies of all sizes partner with us. We don’t apply one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we ask questions. We get to know every aspect of your business. And then we design a customized solution to help you conquer the toughest logistics and packaging challenges.

That’s our pitch. And we make it all possible because we own the trucks and warehouses to make your customized solution work.




We fulfill what you promise.

We pick, pack and ship from our strategically positioned Midwestern fulfillment centers. We guarantee two-day or faster ground delivery to 85% of the American public. We pledge to meet pre-determined KPIs like order accuracy and on-time shipping. We add value to your brand and your customers by way of returns, kitting, packaging and bundling.

But most of all, we help growing companies overcome one of the biggest barriers to growth: getting fulfillment right once and for all.




You focus on your core competencies. We’ll handle the packaging and everything in between.

As the world’s largest shrink sleeve label decorator, we provide end-to-end packaging solutions to companies of all sizes – from household brands to craft brewers. When you outsource your packaging needs to Verst, we’ll help your products stand on store shelves with brilliant, surround-sound labels. And, we’ll get you there before your competitors – all without the capital investment.




Together, we’ll drive efficiencies and move your business in the right direction.

Coordinating pick-ups and deliveries. Vetting carriers. Recruiting drivers. Optimizing loads. Billing and auditing. Keeping up with safety regulations. Managing your transportation network or in-house fleet is a tremendous time and money-consuming act. From transportation management, to dedicated transportation, to asset-based fleet services, Verst offers a full range of solutions to keep your business on the road to success.


Warehousing and Distribution


7-million square feet of scalable, strategic space working toward one purpose: your growth.

It should go without saying that as a logistics company, we do warehousing. But we don’t manage just any warehouses.

We run Midwestern facilities that put you closer than ever to your customers. We run lean distribution centers to shorten your lead times and lower overhead costs. We run flexible spaces that flex up when you need the capacity, and flex down when you don’t. And, we run smart warehouses that keep your goods flowing smoothly, and arm your business with actionable insights.


Our Business Is...

     An Extension of Your Business


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